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NxtGen Nexus unites the next generation of family business owners through social networking, blogs + interactive content to grow, sustain and love their family businesses.

NxtGen Connect

NxtGen Connect is the only open network dedicated to introducing Family Business NxtGens around the world to each other in a private, secure environment.

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Celebrating Family Business

Family businesses have driven the world economy since business began. Let’s celebrate them!

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You’ve got ideas. Let’s see how big they can grow.

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Family Dynamics

When your friends aren’t getting along with their parents and siblings, it just means awkward family dinners. For you, it could hurt the bottom line. Here’s where we help you make sure it doesn’t.

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Financial Smarts

Turn financial wealth into emotional health.

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Millennial Life

A next generation life is not a straightforward road, it’s a twisting path with no guardrails. Where does the family business fit in, and where do you fit in with it?

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Succeeding in the Business

Enriching the community and the family by helping the business grow.

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Supercharge the Business

Staying relevant in a digital world.

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Women in Family Business

Mom, daughter, sister, grandmother, sister-in-law, cousin or aunt – women rule family businesses.

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NxtGen Nexus is the only dedicated destination providing tools, a voice and a community for the next generation of family business members.

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Poll of the Day: Company Website

How sophisticated is your company’s website?

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Grandson Recalls How His Family Opened the Ches-A-Rena, Changed it With the Times

The former movie theater owners sold their Miami Theater in Springdale in the late 1940s after deciding televisions in people’s homes would impact that business. Instead, Elmer saw a golden opportunity in the up-and-coming recreation activity of roller skating.

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Struthers Butcher Realizes His Dream by Continuing the Family Business

Will Lightner was excited. He walked through the back hallway of his recently opened business before coming to a stop before a sizable metal cabinet. He pulled its door open, where inside more than 70 links of reddish-brown kielbasa dangled from the rungs of the meat smoker.

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Family Farms Under Pressure to Go Big or Go Bust

Paul Minor – a Bristol, Connecticut, native who runs the farm his great, great, great grandfather opened more than 150 years ago – is finally stepping away from the family business.

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Business First, Family Second, Says Godrej Group Leader Adi Godrej

Families change over time. And so do businesses. But when it comes to a family-run business, professional and personal lines tend to get blurred. For Adi Godrej of the Godrej Group, the distinction is clear: in a family business, business takes precedence.

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Salamon Flooring Celebrates 75 Years as a Family Business

Visit Sarat Ford Lincoln in Agawam, Ford of Greenfield, or Balise Hyundai of Springfield, and chances are you’re walking on a surface installed by Salamon Flooring.

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The Deep End

Sink or swim, kid!

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The Journey

The Journey

Every NxtGen makes a decision about entering the Family Business. How did your journey begin?


Forget fingers and toes. Forget whether you look like Aunt Edna. The only question anybody cares about going into the Family Business.

First Job

How old were you? Did you get paid? Ha ha. Did you get lunch out of it?

Nxt Door Neighbors

Living next  door to cousins was great, especially if your Aunt‘s cooler than your Mom. But does Mom really like spending 24/7 with Dad’s family?

Family Business Rituals

Was it potluck dinner on inventory day? How come my family had to take inventory, but my cousins didn’t? In “Bloodline,” they had the Family Table.

Rejecting It All

Could you imagine living the rest of your life without being “the kid”?

Coming Home

Sure they’re crazy, but they’re your crazy. Whether you join the business or not, you’ll always have a home.

Family Business Matters

The Break Room

Family Business Tools

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