Family Dynamics
Brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts and uncles, cousins, everyone’s not always going to agree. Here’s where we help you navigate those complex relationships to build a strong business and a harmonious family.
Surviving a Family Business

Surviving a Family Business

As finding the ideal co-founder is a difficult and risky process, it’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs turn to family to launch businesses. Indeed, family businesses comprise 80 percent of all business enterprises in the U.S. and generate 60 percent of the country’s employment, according to nonprofit organization Family Firm Institute. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

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Conflicts That Plague Family Businesses

Conflicts That Plague Family Businesses

(A classic article written by Harry Levinson for the Harvard Business Review) The job of operating a family-owned company is often grievously complicated by friction arising from rivalries involving a father and his son, brothers, or other family members who hold...

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As a successful business owner, you realize that financial success is just the still have many other challenges to face.

How many times have you thought about starting a diet or quitting smoking without doing anything about it?

This is the most comprehensive book on sustaining the family business and contains international examples and cases and essential tools and checklists of best practice.

Through pages filled with wisdom, tips, guidelines and experiences, the authors seek to navigate brothers and sisters who work in the family business or who are active owners through the challenges and opportunities and to retain the integrity of the family while serving the business.

In this widely popular book, David Horsager presents the ultimate guide to earning, maintaining, and even rebuilding the most critical factor of every business relationship—trust.

When Bowen was a student and practitioner of classical psychoanalysis at the Menninger Clinic, he became engrossed in understanding the process of schizophrenia and its relationship to mother-child symbiosis.

The Balance Point offers a step-by-step guide to tackle business transition challenges in these times of economic insecurity.

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