NxtGen Connect

NxtGen Connect gives you a chance to meet Family Business NxtGens around the world in a private, secure environment.




  • Meet Your Doppelganger– Imagine a world of people who know exactly what it’s like growing up in a family business.  You’ll find them right here.
  • Experiences– Traveling is great.  Connecting with like-minded individuals and friends who can show you the inside of their business and country is life altering.  You’re not going to find that on Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist or Tinder (at least for more than one night).
  • Family Business Issues– All families have issues.  All Family Businesses have issues on steroids  because it involves parents, siblings, cousins or in-laws.  Share your concerns with Family Business NxtGens working through the same problems.  Laugh about them, vent about them and move forward!
  • Grow Your Business – NxtGen Connect sorts by industry so you can find other NxtGens that share your business challenges and opportunities.


  • Fill out Form – Family Business NxtGen (User A) fills out a brief questionnaire.
  • Review Matches – User A receives matches that can be sorted by newness or compatibility. The identities and e-mail addresses of matches are masked so User A doesn’t know the identity of User B.
  • User A Initial Outreach – User A contacts a match (User B) via the NxtGen Nexus e-mail. User A still doesn’t know the true identity of User B.
  • Match Revealed – User B receives User A’s email which reveals User A’s name and e-mail address, which will appear in User B’s e-mail.
  • “User B” Response – If User B chooses to respond, User B’s e-mail will be revealed to User A.

Additional Information

  • Users need to sign up for NxtGen Nexus (for free) to participate in NxtGen Connect.
  • Users can change their profiles at any time by accessing “Your Profile” on the NxtGen Connect drop down menu.
  • New matches will be available on an on-going basis.

Privacy / Non-Solicitation

    • Your privacy and peace of mind are of utmost importance to us.
    • The identities and e-mail addresses of matches are masked so you won’t know the identity of your matches and they won’t know your identity.
    • If one of your matches sends you an e-mail, it is 100% your choice to respond to the e-mail. It is the only way your identity will be revealed.
    • User Account holders that knowingly use false information to create their profile will be permanently barred from the NxtGen Nexus website.
    • User Account holders that solicit members will be permanently barred from the site.

For any questions, please write us at info@nxtgennexus.com

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