The truth is, you’re probably not going to get either Batman or Iron Man on your Board of Directors, as they’re probably too busy managing Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries, respectively, along with their other… activities. But if you could get one of them on board, which one would it be?

Tale of the Tape


Born Bruce Wayne to wealthy and successful Doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, the man who would strike terror into the hearts of criminals as Batman was devastated when he watched his parents gunned down in front of him at the tender age of eight. This sent him on a direct path towards being the best and most efficient crimefighter the world has ever known, mastering a variety of scientific and martial arts discipline to become the World’s Greatest Detective, while the fortune he inherited only grew, allowing him to live a double life as a wealthy billionaire playboy and scourge of the underworld. While some of WayneTech’s inventions, like the Batmobile and Batarangs, don’t seem to have a lot of practical applications, you cannot doubt the power of having a strategic mind like Batman’s at your disposal.

Iron Man:

Tony Stark also inherited his fortune, but chose to throw himself into growing that fortune and his company, Stark Industries, by using his prodigious abilities to become a master physicist and engineer, entering MIT at the age of 15. Before long, his ability to create weapons was unparalleled. This ability almost proved his end when, as head of Stark Industries, he was captured and almost killed by foreign interests looking to take advantage of his weapons cache. Fortunately, Stark was able to use his skills to save himself by designing a chest plate that forced deadly shrapnel away from his heart. That chestplate become the foundation of his Iron Man armor, which Stark now uses to protect the populace from evil. Tony Stark really is the jet setting, womanizing Playboy that Bruce Wayne pretends to be, but maybe a little bit of an ability to cut loose is an asset in an executive?


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