Women in Family Business
More and more family firms are understanding the benefits of handing the reins over to women and letting them take the lead. Empowering women is empowering business.

Recommended Reads

Family Business books available on Amazon

The Remarkable discoveries about what drives and sustains successful women leaders.

Women who want to succeed in their family's businesses face situations and challenges that don't often arise in publicly-held companies.

The family business becomes much more complex as it goes from the founder to next generations.

Women in Family Business: What Keeps You up at Night? addresses the psychological, relational and financial issues impacting women in family owned businesses.

Myths & Mortals, Family Business Leadership and Succession Planning provides insights and strategies for successors of family businesses.

Working women today are better educated and more well qualified than ever before. Yet men still predominate in the corporate world.

A groundbreaking book which provides original insight into the debate about why men and women do not understand one another.

Through stories and interviews the authors explore the changing role women play in today's family business, looking at how to encourage and support women family members, to the challenges women face in finding the right balance between work and life, to the role spouses play in couples that work together.

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